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Baraag.net is not accessible in the Philippines

Posted by HTLGBTQArtworks - July 25th, 2021

When I tried accessing my account there this morning, I received a privacy error in Edge and there's no way to allow access there. But when I tried accessing that site in Firefox after bypassing certificate errors, I received a message that the site is blocked due to possible CSEM content, saying if you're going to access this site further, you must be aware to the law (Republic Act No. 9775) & allow the authorities to access your data while visiting that site. I decided not to go further because I don't want to be arrested just because I viewed Shota/Loli. I wouldn't be able to be active at that site for now and I hope this issue would be resolved sooner. I'll be play safe at this time while making a new content, so I wouldn't be able to make Shota & Loli content for now.

As far as I know, Baraag.net does not even allow real-life porn there and contents there are all fictional. Shota & Loli don't even contain real victims and/or witnesses at all and how would the possible lawsuit proceed if there's no real victim and no real witnesses at all? Copyright/IP Infringement? Libel? Adultery? Vandalism? I believe all of would-be evidences filed won't strengthen the case at all and it would be dismissed due to lack of merit. This law (RA9775) did not even prevent the rampant proliferation of real online child sex exploitation in my country at all. It only prevents foreigners from recruiting and exploiting children for creating porn. There are also some families doing these illegal activities due to poverty, of course. They often put their children to the livecam shows, just to make money from tips sent by foreign watchers.

I am grateful that y!Gallery, HicceArs & pixiv weren't blocked here yet because these sites are not open to unregistered users and they don't allow certain contents in their site. These sites mentioned are very strict on child porn. You'll be banned and reported to concerned authorities if you post an actual content there. Rule34 Paheal is also very strict on child porn too and they don't allow 3d shota/loli content.

The authorities should resolve the rampant growing of real life child sex exploitation online and not block all Shota/Loli hosting sites and I believe this law is really ridiculous and it has to be amended to allow Shota/Loli content to be exempted since there are no actual victims and/or witnesses like I said before. Mainstream media back in 2009 kept on saying that Hentai will be banned in the country once this law has passed yet it actually never happened. I can still view hentai though. I even protested against Anti-Cybercrime Act (RA10175) because it would be useless and it will be prone to abuse by corrupt politicians to suppress critics even though politicians were meant to open to criticisms. I'm more favored to the proposed Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom (MCPIF) because it will still not allow politicians to abuse their power to suppress their critics. I am really wishing for more comprehensive amendments for RA9775 to resolve the real life real life child sex exploitation online once and for all and allow Shota/Loli artists in the Philippines like me to create content peacefully and unhampered by law.